Sunday, January 7, 2018

Have it All

The following post was originally posted on another blog in 2014. My precious friend, Monica, shares her heart in a lovely way.

In college I had one class that was for women only. During that class, I got the opportunity to learn differing perspectives of living as a Christian woman.
My teacher told us that we couldn't have it all; at least not all at once. She made it clear that in our lives we would have to make choices. I remember feeling like it was a weighty thing to say and worth remembering.

That professor seemed to me like she had come pretty close to my idea of having it all. She was a mom, a marriage and family therapist, and she taught college religion classes. I wondered what choices she had to make, because I couldn’t imagine anything she had given up.

A few years later I was enjoying my career and had a conversation with a colleague, whom I held in high esteem. She shared her sorrow that she waited too late to pursue her plans for a family of her own. She was a role model for me of what a strong, single, Christian woman looked like. I had learned a lot from her and thought her impressive. She encouraged me to be careful not to put all my attention into my career for too long if I wanted to become a mom.

Since becoming a mom, I sometimes struggle with the feeling that I am supposed to be superwoman. Responsibilities like taking care of the kids, marriage, work, physical health maintenance, housework all become a heavy burden. Sometimes they steal my joy.

A recent discussion in Bible study group that focuses on family being designed to reflect God really resonated with me.

Everyone, myself included, is made in God's image.

While actively reflecting God and his glory may be something to be purposeful about, it isn't possible to not reflect God’s glory. It happens because we are made in God’s image. It just happens.

This idea is freeing to me because it isn't about doing. It is not another thing I must put on my list.

Reflecting the image of God is innate. Let that settle in for a second.

Reflecting the image of God is innate even when clean laundry covers the kitchen table and I am not sure what I "accomplished" today.

Unless I actively hide the image of God, it is there. I don’t have to make it happen. I simply reflect. I don’t have to be superwoman or worry about all I have given up. I simply reflect.

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